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47 Featherbed Ln, Suite 2C, Highbridge, NY 10452 USA
+1 (516) 712-9466

DECIBEL NYC RECORDINGS, based in New York City, was originally conceived in 2000 as a spin-off of Decibel Recordings based out of Fort-Lauderdale, Florida. Headed by Kevin Donaldson the label wants to focus on releases that feature and promote a specific style of groovy, chunky, techy house music with some flavors of tribal and electro for good measure.
With several top selling released singles from our catalog, including The Undah-Dub's major hit "I Didn't Say It", Mista A's "Mental Health Hotline" and the chart topping "Love Will Return" by Alison Crockett, Decibel NYC has been on a roll and loudly making a name amongst a distinct crop of independent record labels.
By embracing the latest web technologies, social networks and mobile platforms, Decibel NYC is constantly reinventing itself and launching new and innovative ways to distribute our music to our fans around the world.

This is Decibel NYC!

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